Founders Message

Late S. P. Malhotra
Founder Chairman (1927-2013)

For our nation to become the India of our dreams progress in every sphere is an absolute must. Science and technology are some of the key elements which are prerequisites for the progress, development and prosperity of any Nation.

Keeping this aim in view the Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation has the privilege of setting up full scholarships and fellowships for meritorious students, especially those of humble means, to pursue their studies and achieve academic excellence in the fields of pure science and technology.

It is our fervent hope and desire to see future Nobel Laureates emerging from the immense pool of scientific talent that exists in our country, and to have our youth take India to its well-deserved leadership status not only in the economic arena but also as innovators and achievers in science and technology.

We know that ours is but a humble step and a few drops towards the goal; but we are also aware that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and that small drops join together to form an ocean.

On behalf of the entire Malhotra and WeiKFiELD Parivaar, I wish the scholarship grantees great success in their future endeavours and look forward to their becoming the leaders of tomorrow in science and technology.

The Foundation will continue its journey and the future milestones envisaged include setting up of world class education institutions in and around Pune in the fields of science, technology and the holistic arts.

Late Bahri B. R. Malhotra

Founder Chairman (1933-2021)

With a fervent desire to contribute our might and recognizing the pre-eminence of education as the foundation of the progress of any society, we established the Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation with the specific goal of contributing to the promotion of education in its various aspects in the country.

It was extremely serendipitous that we soon came across an article on Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, where this great scientific son of the nation humbly stated that had it not been for the financial assistance rendered to him by the Tata Foundation Scholarship, he could never have completed his higher studies and contributed what he did in the service of the nation. This article was the seed of the inspiration to all of us in the family to set up the Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation Fellowships, so that meritorious students, especially those from disadvantaged financial backgrounds, did not have to give up their academic aspirations for financial reasons.

It was indeed gracious that some of the best scientific and thinking minds such as Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Dr. S. B. Mujumdar and many eminent personalities agreed to join the Advisory Board of our Foundation, and help us achieve our goal of promoting educational excellence.

The Foundation has started its work in a small way, by instituting 45 annual scholarships involving an annual outlay of over Rs. 22 Lakhs, as its humble contribution from 2007.

We are extremely grateful to the eminent members of our Executive Mentor Board, for having accepted our invitation to participate in this pioneering project, to assist, advise and motivate the scholarship recipients in achieving their academic and career goals.

All of us will be gratified to see the scholarship recipients grow from strength to strength in their endeavours towards excellence.