Mentor Programme

The Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation has the unique distinction of pairing its scholarship grants with a comprehensive mentoring programme. Each scholar is provided with a volunteer mentor who guides them during their academic education. Mentors also coach students on the challenges they may face with studies, attendance, family, and personal issues to insure their overall holistic development.

The candidate is required to maintain contact with the mentor on a monthly basis. The Foundation also conducts 3-4 workshops every year on topics such as communication skills, personality development, interview skills, and CV writing which the scholars are expected to attend.

The speakers at our awards functions include respected scientists and educationists such as Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, etc. This provides an opportunity for students from rural backgrounds to interact with and become motivated by such figures.

Become a Mentor

Mentoring is a matter of awareness, intuition, and a genuine desire to see a protege succeed. To be a mentor you must be approachable and be able to make time and space for interaction. Good interpersonal communication skills create an environment for growth. Our mentor programme not only aids in the student’s success but creates intrinsic value through helping others.

The Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation is always open to new and enthusiastic mentors joining the program. Our mentors span many fields and disciplines that give the quality in variation to our program. If you would like to become a mentor, learn more about our program, or explore other opportunities to get involved with the Foundation, please make an inquiry today.

Become a mentor